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Super Pre-Medical School Prep Package

Outline your short-term goals in advance to ensure you fulfill all pre-med requirements.

Avoid taking any missteps on your journey to medical school. Pre-med requirements are quite numerous and—in conjunction with undergraduate electives, a full-time job, and/or extracurricular commitments—can be exhausting. To ensure you methodically fulfill each prerequisite and at a high level of achievement, you must formulate a thorough, step-by-step pre-med admissions strategy in advance. Taking care of these details will grant you the energy to earn the grades and MCAT scores you need to gain admission to strong medical programs.

Prepare wisely for the multiple-part medical school admissions procedure. Once you organize the steps you must take to gain admission to med school, accomplishing each goal will be easier. Then, after you have completed all the prerequisites, you can dedicate your focus to your applications. Sibia’s Super Pre- Medical School Prep Package helps you to map out a course of action so you achieve the above with minimal stress and manage your time efficiently.

What You Receive

  • 4 one-hour sessions of telephone or Skype consulting and ongoing medical school prep support via email
  • Academics, Experience, and MCAT Map, which includes required courses to take and the MCAT score to target, based on your undergraduate performance and target schools
  • Medical School Selection Plan, so you identify which med schools to apply to, given your background and preferences
  • Personal Applicant Profile, your unique theme to market yourself to admissions officers

Details / Timeline

Questionnaire &
First Session

Client completes detailed Questionnaire to provide relevant information regarding academic background, extracurricular achievements, and relevant professional and research experience. Consultant reviews Client's responses prior to First Session, during which Sibia Consultant establishes Client's goals and clarifies the  information needed to complete next step.

Second Session:
Academics, Experience & MCAT Map

Second Session: Med School Consultant provides initial draft of Academics, Experience and MCAT Map. Client and Consultant identify specific medical school prep action steps to take.  Consultant introduces preliminary options for target medical schools.

Third Session:
Personal Applicant Profile

Third Session: Sibia Consultant works with Client to create a Personal Applicant Profile

Fourth Session:
Medical School Selection Plan

Fourth Session:  Consultant provides list of recommended med school programs, based on Client's Profile and preferences, in Medical School Selection Plan.

Additional Email Support and
Medical School Prep

Following completion of Fourth Session, Client can contact Sibia Med School Consultant for an additional 2 weeks of email input and support regarding medical school prep issues.

Our Guarantee

Be smart about being pre-med and prepare effectively for your future goal to earn an MD with Sibia’s Super Pre-Medical School Prep Package. Show med school admissions officers that you’re the prime candidate by presenting yourself as driven, focused, and smart enough to plan in advance! Sibia Admissions guarantees you will be 100% satisfied with our consultants’ services, or you can contact us for an immediate resolution to any issue that might arise. If you are still dissatisfied, you can opt to receive either a full refund or free credit for another Sibia service. To obtain valuable insight into the med school admissions process, contact Sibia today!

4 sessions, one hour each, of medical school prep advice, including an Academics, Experience, and MCAT Map, Medical School Selection Plan and Personal Assessment Profile

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