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Pre-Med Advising Services from Sibia

With Sibia’s pre-med advising services, being pre-med doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful.

Begin planning in advance so you can focus only on performing well. The process of applying to medical school begins many years before the fall in which you submit your applications. In order to spend your invaluable energy focusing on your required science courses and studying for the MCAT, you are strongly advised to begin mapping out your application strategy well in advance, even as early as freshman year of college. Once you make the decision to enroll in medical school, you should immediately start planning how to meet all the course prerequisites, when to take the MCAT, and where to devote your extracurricular interests.

Receive customized pre-med advising to formulate a successful admissions strategy. Targeting the right medical schools and positioning yourself to be accepted are very important processes. The med school you attend can indeed influence where you are matched for residency later. Aim for success early on in your career as a physician by following an academically rigorous pre-med path. Sibia Admissions offers the pre-med advising services you need to make the right choices about which courses to take, when to tackle the MCAT, and so on.

Our Service Packages

Explore our pre-med advising packages below and select the one that best addresses your needs and matches your stage in the journey toward earning your MD. As you browse each specific package, please keep in mind that the topics covered and session ordering are flexible, based upon your schedule, preferences, and needs.



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  • 4 sessions of phone/Skype consulting, 1 hour each, and ongoing pre-med advising support via email
  • Devise an Academics, Experience and MCAT Map
  • Formulate a Personal Applicant Profile
  • Finalize a Medical School Selection Plan



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  • Everything included in the Super Package above, plus:
  • A total of 7 sessions of phone/Skype consulting
  • Unlimited email and phone calls to Medical School Consultant during business hours
  • Outline and finalize an application resume for med school
  • Begin preparing to write the personal statement(s)
  • Additional 2 weeks of phone and email support for further pre-med advising after the final session


Personalized quote

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  • Choose as many sessions and pre-med advising topics as you need to discuss with your personal Sibia Admissions Consultant


"Thanks! This was exactly what I was looking for. My undergraduate degree was in English. I am by nature quite critical with my own writing and would trust few people to review a personal statement applying to a surgery fellowship. Sibia exceeded my expectations."

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