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Medical School Admissions Consulting Services

Get into medical school with Sibia's guidance and start upon your path to becoming a doctor.

Fully Explore Your Optimal Program Options. Each medical program is unique, with some emphasizing academic research versus clinical practice, or vice versa. The school you select may also impact where you apply for residency and fellowships after earning your degree. Thus, you should thoroughly evaluate your preferences, academic strengths, professional interests, and personal lifestyle in order to apply to the programs that would best suit you.

Prove to Admissions Officers that You Can Go the Distance. The extremely competitive and intensive nature of the admissions process to medical school is only the beginning. Medical programs themselves are extremely difficult academic undertakings. Admissions officers seek applicants who demonstrate their ability not only to survive, but to thrive in academically intense and often competitive environments.

Select the Tailored Service Package that Fulfills Your Needs. Applying to medical school is an arduous, multi-step process that requires significant amounts of time, financial investment, and sheer hard work. With Sibia Admissions, get into medical school by selecting from three types of medical school admissions consulting services that maximize the quality of your applications: Application Essay Editing, Admissions Consulting, and Pre-Medical Application Consulting Services. 

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Medical School Application Essay Editing Services

Make Your Personal Statement Memorable and Flawless. You want to help people in need. You have been moved to action by a health issue that affected a family member or friend. You want to pursue a career that truly impacts the world. Sound familiar? Though such sentiments are certainly noble, you need to distinguish yourself to admissions officers far beyond citing such trite motivations for pursuing an MD.

Write Powerfully and Control Your Applicant Image. Although your MCAT scores and science course grades may not be as high as other applicants, you can surmount such inequities with a stellar personal statement. Impress medical school admissions officers by conveying your unique characteristics and qualifications in a distinct manner that highlights your personality and compassion as well.

Let Sibia Assist You in Perfecting Your Essays. The statement of purpose you submit with your medical school applications can be the pivotal component that garners you the crucial in-person interview. To get into medical school with a memorable personal statement, consult with a member of the Sibia Admissions team to hone your essay so that it captures the attention of admissions officers at competitive medical programs.

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Medical School Admissions Consulting Services

Make Sure You Don’t Drop the Ball. Completing your personal statement is just one small, albeit very important, part of the admissions process. You must also submit letters of recommendation, your official MCAT scores, transcripts, and so on. Then, you will need to prepare for admissions interviews once you make it past the first round of application evaluations to get into medical school.

Receive Assistance with All Components of Your Applications. Unsure of how to construct an explanatory statement about a poor grade in orgo? Pondering who should write your recommendation letters? A Sibia Admissions consultant can answer all of your questions with regard to your specific applications and give you the medical school admissions consulting you need.

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Pre-Med Consulting Services

Being a Successful Pre-Med Student Requires Advance Planning. Unlike business school and law school, in order to get into medical school, applicants must fulfill certain course requirements before submitting their applications. This is in addition to the weeks and even months of studying and preparation required to perform well on the MCAT. Map out a pre-med plan that does not cause you to overextend yourself, so that you perform to the best of your ability and receive the highest possible grades and MCAT scores.

Sibia Admissions Has Your Interests at Heart. Most universities certainly offer pre-med advisers who are available to assist you through your undergraduate career.  However, Sibia Admissions consultants do not only consider the plan of study during college. We take a more comprehensive approach toward your medical school application strategy and advise you accordingly. With a personal Sibia consultant, you will present yourself to admissions officers in the most favorable light and maximize your chances of admission to the medical program of your choice.

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