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Ultimate Pre-MBA Counseling Package

Plan early for business school to increase your chances of admissions success.

Preparing in advance is vital to your success as an MBA applicant. Earning an MBA degree is no small investment of money or time, so you must select your target programs carefully and position yourself in such a way as to maximize your chances of admission. This is best done by mapping out the steps you need to take in college and afterward to demonstrate to MBA admissions officers that you possess the breadth of experience, knowledge, and self-motivation to excel in their program.

Take charge of your future as a business professional with Sibia. Our Ultimate Package gives you the MBA counseling, tools and insight to succeed. Eliminate the stress that so many applicants experience by learning ahead of time what exactly you need to do. Your personal consultant will provide practical guidance with actionable steps. From assistance regarding course or internship selection to creating your target list of MBA programs, we'll provide the help you need!

What You Receive

  • 7 one-hour sessions of telephone or Skype pre-MBA consulting
  • Unlimited email and phone calls to your Sibia MBA Consultant during business hours
  • Academics, Experience, and GMAT Map - includes useful courses to take, or internships to pursue before applying,  and the GMAT score to target, based on your undergraduate GPA and prospective schools
  • Personal Applicant Profile - construct your personal theme to market yourself to schools based on your strengths and experience
  • MBA Program Selection Plan - comprehensive steps to determine the best schools and programs to target, given your background and preferences
  • Resume assistance in preparation for your Applicant Profile

Details / Timeline

Questionnaire Response and Review

Client completes Questionnaire to provide academic background, extracurricular achievements, and relevant professional experiences. MBA Consultant reviews Client responses prior to First Session

First Session:
Questionnaire Assessment

First Session: Client and MBA Consultant assess Client's academic and professional background using the Questionnaire as a guide and determine strengths and weaknesses. MBA Consultant introduces Academics, Experience and GMAT Map.

Second Session:
Academics, Experience, & GMAT Map

Second Session: MBA Consultant and Client fill out additional details in Client's Academics, Experience, & GMAT Map.  Both decide upon specific action steps and a timeline for completion based upon Client's needs and schedule.

Third Session:
; Outline Personal Applicant Profile

Third Session:  MBA Consultant presents an outline of a Personal Applicant Profile that will form the foundation of Client's theme for her applications. The Profile emphasizes Client's key positive characteristics that will be marketed to each business school.

Fourth Session:
Strengthen Applicant Profile

Fourth session: Client and MBA Consultant collaborate on completing a full, current assessment of Client's Applicant Profile. Subsequently, both establish steps to take to compensate for weaknesses to improve Profile prior to actually applying to business school. Consultant provides resume template options for Client to review.

Fifth Session:
MBA Resume Consulting
MBA Program Selection Plan

Fifth session: Sibia MBA Consultant works closely with Client to outline, organize and write a first draft of a business school resume.  Consultant provides initial list of recommended business schools in MBA Program Selection Plan based on Client's Academics, Experience & GMAT Map, Applicant Profile, and Resume.

Sixth Session:
MBA Program Selection Plan
Finalize Resume

Sixth session: Client and MBA Consultant analyze and discuss strengths and weaknesses of various MBA programs and business schools on list.  Both make suggested changes to list, shortening it to provide a shorter list of target schools. Finalize final resume draft.

Seventh Session:
Ad Hoc - Any Remaining Documents
Personal Statement Brainstorming Sheet

Seventh Session:  Client and MBA Consultant use the seventh session to finalize all documents and ensure that all additional action steps are clear. Client can continue to call or email MBA consultant for an additional two weeks of support.

Our Guarantee

The Ultimate Pre-MBA Counseling Package provides invaluable MBA admissions guidance in a clear, step-by-step plan. Develop an admissions strategy that highlights your unique strengths and expresses them clearly to admissions officers. We guarantee your satisfaction with Sibia’s consulting service, but if any issue arises, contact us, and we will resolve it immediately. If you remain displeased, you will receive a full refund or free credit for another service offered by Sibia. Get a jumpstart on success by contacting a Sibia consultant now!

7 Sessions of pre-MBA consulting and unlimited access to personal Sibia MBA consultant, including an MBA Program Selection Plan and Personal A Profile and more

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