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Super Pre-MBA Application Review Package

Make academic and professional decisions that enhance your chances of admission to business school.

Take steps to ensure you're a strong business school applicant. Deciding to apply to business school is no small matter, and many applicants are daunted even before they begin researching schools due to the competitive nature of MBA admissions. With a Sibia consultant, we will assess your strengths and weaknesses and suggest key ways to improve your applicant profile. We will also focus in on program options and specific schools to formulate your list of target programs. 

Receive crucial guidance on the key areas that matter to admissions officers.  If you choose to take advantage of Sibia’s pre-MBA application review services, you'll receive helpful coaching tailored to your needs, including a strategic timeline for how and when to apply. Your personal consultant will closely evaluate your long-term career goals and help you to determine the type of MBA program that will best suit these goals. In sum, we will work with you now to significantly strengthen your future applications to business school.

What You Receive

  • 4 sessions of telephone or Skype consulting of an hour each and ongoing email support
  • Academics, Experience, and GMAT Map (includes useful courses to take before applying and the GMAT score to target, based on your undergraduate GPA and target b-schools)
  • MBA Program Selection Plan (comprehensive steps to determine the best schools to target, given your background and preferences)
  • Personal Applicant Profile (construct your personal theme to market yourself to schools based on your background and strengths)

Details / Timeline

Questionnaire &
First Session

Client completes detailed Questionnaire to set forth academic background, extracurricular achievements, and relevant professional experience. Consultant reviews client responses prior to First Session, during which MBA consultant confirms Client's goals and clarifies necessary information for next steps

Second Session:
Academics, Experience & GMAT Map

Second Session: MBA consultant provides initial draft of Academics, Experience and GMAT Map. Both discuss and determine specific action steps.  Consultant introduces preliminary options for target MBA programs and schools

Third Session:
Personal Assessment Profile

Third Session: MBA consultant works with Client to create a Personal Applicant Profile and application theme. 

Fourth Session:
MBA Program Selection Plan

Fourth Session:  Consultant provides list of recommended business schools in MBA Program Selection Plan based on Client's Profile and input. Both discuss and create final master list

Additional Email Support

Following completion of Fourth Session, Client can contact MBA consultant for an additional two weeks of email input and support

Our Guarantee

Armed with the counseling provided through Sibia’s Super Pre-MBA Application Review Package, you can be sure to take the right steps to gain admission to business school. MBA admissions officers seek experienced and well-rounded candidates who are prepared to undertake a competitive and intensive graduate course, and we help you to prove that you are such an individual. Sibia guarantees your 100% satisfaction with this service. If any issue arises, do not hesitate to contact us for an immediate resolution. However, if you remain dissatisfied, we will offer you a full refund or free credit for use toward another Sibia service. Get in touch with Sibia now to learn more about MBA admissions!

4 one-hour sessions of MBA application planning, including an Academics, Experience and GMAT Map, Personal Assessment Profile, and MBA Program Selection Plan

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"David provided excellent editing and recommendations for my personal statement used for business school admission. The turnaround was as advertised and the returned comments were thoughtful and concise."

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