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MBA Coaching Services with Sibia

Boost your applications to MBA programs by taking advantage of vital insiders’ knowledge.

Maneuver the MBA Admissions Process with Minimal Stress. Sibia’s MBA coaching services help you with all aspects of your application. In addition to advising you about your application statements, we can also help you to collect the additional information you must submit, including recommendation letters, transcripts, explanatory statements, test scores, and so on. In fact, some recommenders are so busy that they tell the applicant to write the recommendation letter for their signature - a move that often floors applicants, unsure how to proceed; in all of these cases, Sibia can help! If you require more information about the various types of MBA programs offered and the distinctions among schools, we can also help you to determine where, when, and how to apply. Contingent upon your specific needs, you will certainly be able to select a Sibia Admissions consulting service that answers all of your questions.

Consulting Sessions on Your Timetable to Help You to Attain Your Goals. At Sibia, we are aware that each MBA applicant has unique strengths to highlight, and equally important, that you are most likely restricted by an intensive work and/or academic schedule. Our coaching for MBA services are flexible, so you set up sessions with your personal Sibia consultant that accommodate your scheduling needs. During these sessions, you can emphasize the topics with which you require the most assistance to ensure you receive exactly the guidance you need.

Our Coaching for MBA Packages

Review our MBA coaching services below to select the one that will help you to navigate the MBA application process most successfully.  As you browse each specific package, please keep in mind that the topics covered and session ordering are flexible, depending on the applicant's preferences and needs.



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  • 4 sessions of phone/Skype consulting, including a customized Master Admissions Plan with target B-schools and ongoing email support
  • Assistance with brainstorming and outlining, followed by a comprehensive critique, edit and proofreading of your personal statement
  • Hands-on guidance crafting your resume along with in-depth interview coaching and actual practice session



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  • Everything included in the Super Consulting Package above, plus:
  • A total of 7 sessions of phone/Skype consulting, and unlimited emails and phone calls to Sibia Consultant during business hours
  • 3 separate reviews of personal statements—including a critique, editing & proofreading—(up to 3000 words total per review); 2 separate reviews and edits of resume
  • Final proofreading and polish of personal statement(s) and resume
  • Additional month of phone and email support


 Personalized quote

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  • Choose the number of phone or Skype consulting sessions and specify exactly what you want to accomplish in your Master Admissions Plan
  • Specify the number of personal statement(s) and exact word count you want assistance with and the number of times you'd like to have your MBA essays reviewed
  • Opt for fast delivery (24 hours) or any other slower time period of your reviewed personal statements
  • Determine how long you'd like additional email and phone support from your personal Sibia Consultant



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  • Receive useful Sibia Interviewing Guidelines document full of practical advice

  • 2 hours of one-on-one phone/skype consultation, including 2 mock interviews

  • Extensive written feedback provided in a Performance Summary following each practice interview


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