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MBA Consulting Services Offered by Sibia

Achieve your professional goals by gaining admission to the best possible MBA program for you with Sibia's business school admissions packages.

To Which MBA Programs Should You Apply? Enrolling in and completing an MBA program is a time-intensive and financially significant investment. Furthermore, the university where you earn your MBA can open crucial doors for you professionally, through alumni services and networking events. Evaluating where you should apply is an extremely important step in the application process that will significantly impact the rest of your business career!

Gain the Edge You Need Over Other Applicants. Given the recently turbulent economy, MBA application rates have been on the rise. Individuals who have been laid off and unable to land new jobs are turning to graduate school as an alternative. The dearth of available jobs has also encouraged college seniors to go directly to business school after graduation. More applicants mean more competition, so ensure that you stand out among your peers with Sibia Admissions’ relevant and useful admissions advice.

We Know You’re Busy, so Pick the Best Package for You. Sibia Admissions offers three types of MBA consulting services to help you complete your applications: Application Essay Editing, Admissions Consulting Services, and Pre-Application Consulting Services.  Conscious that many MBA applicants are full-time working professionals or college students with hectic schedules, your Sibia consultant will provide you with vital admissions guidance – tailored to your background, preferences, and goals – on a timetable that is convenient for you.

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MBA Personal Statement Editing Services

Conquer Your MBA Application Essays. MBA applications require you to write several statements to detail your qualifications, explain your interest in the specific program, describe past challenges, and so on. Each of these essays is crucial to the success of your application, and you must demonstrate your strong written communication skills, as well as distinguish yourself as a compelling applicant.

Be Unique while Conveying Practical Information. Admissions officers for MBA programs seek applicants who can demonstrate a legitimate and lasting interest in the degree, while also being well-rounded individuals. Thus, you must reveal the necessary information (your professional experiences, relevant knowledge and skills, reasons for applying) in a memorable and unique voice.

Let Sibia Assist You in Perfecting Your Essays. The fees required to submit MBA applications are not insignificant! Maximize the potential of your applications and prevent the necessity of reapplying by working with a Sibia Admissions consultant, who will help you to ensure that your essays are flawless.

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MBA Consulting Services for Admissions

Don’t Be Careless with (or Forget) Any Component of Your Application. In addition to the multiple statements you must write, MBA applications require you to submit your official GMAT scores, resume, transcripts, recommendation letters, etc. Any glitch in the submission of these supplementary materials may delay the processing of your application, or worse, make admissions officers think you are sloppy.

Your Sibia Consultant Will Help You Manage Your Applications. Completing your MBA applications while juggling a full professional and/or academic schedule can be quite overwhelming. However, you can rest assured that no detail will be missed under the practiced eye of a Sibia Admissions consultant.

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Pre-Application Consulting for MBA Services and GMAT Analytical Writing Prep

MBA Applicants Boast of Varied Backgrounds and Experiences. With rising application rates, it is crucial that you start planning your application strategy early in order to best position yourself for success. MBA programs are extremely competitive, and serious applicants often possess high grades and GMAT scores, impressive and relevant professional experiences, and unique career goals.

Stand Out by Planning in Advance. The academic and professional decisions you make well before enrolling in an MBA program can certainly affect your chances of admission. Furthermore, depending on your individual circumstances, you may want to consider accelerated, part-time, or executive MBA programs, in lieu of the traditional full-time (and two-year) MBA program. Obtain the guidance and knowledge of your personal Sibia consultant to choose the right path.

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"Thanks to David, my application essay improved a lot from the rough draft. There isn't a radical change, but my phrases seem a lot more thorough and clear in message. And his overall advise was pretty helpful in understanding why and how it improved that way."

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