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Ahead of the Curve

Two Years at Harvard Business School

By Philip D. Broughton


Paperback: 304 Pages

Publisher: Penguin Press HC

Language: English

ISBN: # ISBN-10: 1594201757; # ASIN: B001RNOPLY



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In 2004, Delves Broughton headed to HBS to join his 900 classmates, most of whom were fresh out of analyst programs at Wall Street's most prestigious investment banks and consulting firms, and were hoping that a Harvard MBA would be their golden ticket into the elite worlds of hedge funds and private equity. Once there, he learned the core business values of HBS—leadership, decisiveness, ethical behavior, and work/life balance—and studied over 500 assigned case studies. In Ahead of the Curve, Delves Broughton shares the most revelatory, real-life lessons from these cases, gleaned from some of the world's foremost institutions, and also notes some of the unpleasant aspects of business school life, from the booze luges and the obsession with PowerPoint to the high rate of depression among the student body. He ultimately learns that “the languages, practices, and leadership styles taught by HBS affect us all—MBAs determine the lives many of us will lead, the hours we work, the vacations we get, the culture we consume, the health care we receive and the education provided to our children.” With cutting insight and uproarious candor, Delves Broughton exposes the methods HBS uses to mold its students into the future leaders of our business world and how they impact our culture at large. Delves Broughton's Ahead of the Curve offers a richly detailed portrait of Harvard Business School—an institution that has for better or worse made American business what it is today.

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