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Ace the GMAT

By Brandon Royal


Paperback: 282 Pages

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1405163118



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Ace the GMAT lends candidates a secret recipe for use in mastering GMAT study. Each hand-selected problem comes with a novel Classification, Snapshot, and Chili Rating. Classification tells you what category a problem belongs to. Snapshot highlights why that particular problem is chosen, as well as any special insights or problem-solving approaches that are deemed relevant. A Chili Rating helps candidates judge the estimated difficulty level of a given problem. A single chili indicates that a problem is "mild" (500 to 600 difficulty level), two chilies spell "hot" (600 to 700 difficulty level), and three chilies denote "very hot" (700 or above difficulty level). Along with answers and detailed explanations, there arguably exists no other learning tool to help you tackle GMAT study at a high level in a more focused, efficient manner.

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