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Ultimate Pre-Law School Planning Package

Ensure that you are positioned to be admitted at the top law schools through stellar one-on-one admissions guidance .

Start preparing now for success with law school admissions. The U.S. legal system is an adversarial one with winners and losers in each case. The law school admissions process is similar--you're either accepted or not (yes, you might be waitlisted but that's not ideal). It makes sense to plan ahead to craft an admissions strategy that puts you in an ideal position to win your first and most important case: why should you be admitted to law school? Most attorneys don't prepare alone and neither should you!

Work closely with an experienced law school admissions consultant. As you look ahead to the application process, make sure you're making the best possible pre-law school planning choices, given your unique goals. Through seven intensive consulting sessions with your personal law school admissions consultant, the Ultimate Package will cover class and activities selection, LSAT preparation options and letters of recommendation. We'll put together a Law School Selection Plan along with a Personal Assessment Profile that lays out your path to admissions success.

What You Receive

  • 7 sessions of telephone or Skype pre-law school planning, each lasting an hour
  • Unlimited email and phone calls to your Sibia Law School Consultant during business hours
  • Academics, Experience, and LSAT Map - outlines useful college curriculum to follow or internships/jobs to pursue before applying, and identifies target LSAT score based upon your undergraduate GPA and target law schools
  • Personal Applicant Profile - a unique theme to distinguish yourself from other applicants
  • Law School Selection Plan - identify the optimal law schools to target, given your background and preferences
  • Resume assistance in preparation for your Applicant Profile

Details / Timeline

Questionnaire Response and Review

Client completes Questionnaire to provide academic background, extracurricular achievements, and applicable work experiences. JD Consultant reviews Client's responses prior to First Session.

First Session:
Questionnaire Assessment

First Session: Client and Sibia JD Consultant assess Client's academic and professional background using the Questionnaire as a guide and identify candidacy strengths and weaknesses. Sibia Consultant introduces Academics, Experience and LSAT Map.

Second Session
Academics, Experience, & LSAT Map

Second Session: Law School Consultant and Client complete additional details in Client's Academics, Experience, & LSAT Map.  Both establish detailed action steps and a clear timeline for completion based upon Client's needs and schedule.

Third Session:
Outline Personal Applicant Profile

Third Session:  Personal Sibia Consultant presents an outline of a Personal Applicant Profile that will form the basis of Client's theme for his law school applications. The Profile emphasizes Client's key positive characteristics to be showcased to admissions officers.

Fourth Session:
Strengthen Applicant Profile

Fourth session: Client and Sibia Consultant jointly develop the Client's comprehensive Applicant Profile, and then establish the necessary steps to compensate for weaknesses to improve Profile, prior to submitting applications to law school. Consultant also provides resume template options for Client to review.

Fifth Session:
Law School Resume Consulting
Law School Selection Plan

Fifth session: Sibia Law School Consultant works closely with Client to outline, organize and complete a first draft of a law school application resume.  Consultant reveals preliminary list of recommended JD programs in Law School Selection Plan based on Client's Academics, Experience & LSAT Map, Applicant Profile, and Resume.

Sixth Session:
Law School Selection Plan
Finalize Resume 

Sixth session: Client and JD Consultant evaluate the characteristics of listed law schools.  Both refine the list so Client applies to shorter list of prospective law schools. Finalize application resume draft.

Seventh Session:
Ad Hoc - Any Remaining Documents
Personal Statement Brainstorming Sheet

Seventh Session:  Client and Sibia JD Consultant finalize all necessary documents and ensure that additional action steps are clear. Client can continue to call or email personal Sibia consultant for an additional two weeks of law school planning and support.

Our Guarantee

Sibia’s Ultimate Pre-Law School Planning Package provides incredibly comprehensive guidance to prepare you for a successful law school admissions experience.  We will work extremely hard to ensure you are in the best possible position as you apply for law school and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our efforts. Should any issue arise,  contact us and we will take steps to resolve the problem right away. If you are still not fully satisfied, we will give you a full refund or free credit for another service offered by Sibia. Let us help you get started on your journey to law school today!

7 one-hour sessions of pre-law school planning including a Map of Target Courses and Activities, Strategy for LSAT prep and Letters of Recommendation, Law School Selection Plan,  Law School Resume consulting, Personal Assessment Profile, Applicant Profile Sketch and more

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