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Ultimate Law School Coaching Package

Receive intensive law school coaching to ensure your application is the best it can be.

Maximize Your Chances of Admission. To get into your top choice law schools you need to execute flawlessly. Do Olympic athletes get prepared on their own? No--they have coaches and assistants who provide invaluable insights about how to improve and eliminate mistakes. Given that the stakes are so high, it makes sense that you should take the necessary steps to ensure that you're applying to the right law schools, that you're effectively portraying yourself in an authentic, persuasive way in your personal statement and that your letters of recommendation truly help your candidacy. Sibia Consultants are experts at providing the law school admissions coaching you need.

A Law School Admissions Consultant Working Tirelessly on Your Behalf.  Law school applicants who hire a Sibia Admissions Consultant benefit from the invaluable insights of an advisor who has already applied and graduated from law school. Through seven intensive law school coaching sessions, your consultant will put together a Master Admissions Plan and brainstorm and outline with you the best possible approach to your personal statement(s). She will also provide multiple reviews of your personal statement along with a final proofreading and polish.  Further, with resume assistance and unlimited email access, Sibia literally guarantees we will provide what you need!

What You Receive

  • 7 sessions, one hour each, of telephone or Skype law school coaching
  • Unlimited phone calls and email to your Sibia Law School Consultant during business hours
  • Master Admissions Plan with Target Law Schools
  • Extensive guidance brainstorming & outlining multiple personal statements and resume
  • 3 separate reviews—including a critique, editing & proofreading—of the law school personal statements (up to 3000 words total)
  • Two reviews and edits of your resume
  • Law school admissions Interview coaching, with practice session and constructive criticism
  • Final proofreading and polish of law school personal statements and resume
  • Additional month of phone and email support

Details / Timeline

Questionnaire Response and Review

Client completes Law School Admissions Questionnaire to identify strengths and potential weaknesses in his applicant profile, and to narrow down list of prospective law schools. Sibia Admissions consultant reviews Client responses prior to first Session

First and Second Sessions:                                             Master Admissions Plan
Preliminary Law School Coaching

First and second Sessions: Client and Sibia consultant confirm key strengths and challenges in Client's applicant profile.  Then develop Master Admissions Plan together and strategize target law schools. Determine steps and deadlines to obtain necessary documents, including recommendation letters, standardized test score reports, and transcripts.

Personal Statement Brainstorming Sheet
Resume Template and Draft

Consultant provides the Sibia Personal Statement Brainstorming Sheet & multiple Resume Templates. Client completes Brainstorming Sheet and completes first draft of resume from selected Template.

Third Session:                                                                 Personal Statement Outlines

Third Session: Client and Sibia consultant review the completed Brainstorming Sheet and develop outlines for all required personal statements.

Personal Statement Drafts and Review

Client completes the first drafts of each personal statements. Consultant thoroughly critiques and edits each draft and returns a redline version to Client for review with 48 hours of submission.

Fourth Session                                                                Personal Statement Review                                         Resume Review and Editing

Fourth Session: Client and Sibia law school consultant discuss, edit and improve the personal statements. Discuss and revise the resume draft to establish final copy as time allows.

Second Revision & Review of Personal Statements

Client completes the rewrite of each personal statement and submits for second comprehensive review. Consultant edits and returns personal statements to Client within 48 hours of submission.

Fifth and Sixth Sessions:                                                       Finalize Personal Statements and Resume               Execute Master Admissions Plan

Fifth and Sixth Sessions: Finalize all personal statements and resume. Execute Master Admissions Plan with target schools. Client submits all personal statements and resume for a final proofreading and polish, which are returned in 48 hours. Consultant provides Interviewing Guidelines document and interviewing advice.

Law School Admissions Interview Coaching

Seventh session: Client and Consultant conduct practice interview and Consultant provides critique and helpful advice. Master Admissions Plan is reviewed to ensure all deadlines and goals are on track. General phone and email support continues for an additional 30 days.

Our Guarantee

 At Sibia, we guarantee our consulting services will provide you the assistance you need and that you are 100% satisfied with our services. If you are less than satisfied, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will work to resolve the issue right away. Alternatively, we can offer you a full refund or free credit toward another Sibia service. Get in touch with a law school Sibia consultant today!

7 sessions of phone/Skype/email law school coaching, unlimited access to consultant during business hours, including a customized Sibia Admissions Plan and Review of Multiple Personal Statements (up to 2500 words total) and Resume

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"It's been great working with you and the results are excellent! As I said before, I feel much more confident of my essay now. It's been totally worth and I'm very glad I took a step forward with Sibia. I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues.

Thank you very much again for you work."

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