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Super Law School Admissions Advice Package

Receive one-on-one guidance regarding every step of the law school admissions process.

Submit the Best Possible Application.  As a law school applicant you want to avoid a number of pitfalls in the application process and be sure to highlight your achievements in an authentic, original way. Quite often, we're not aware of our own greatest strengths and weaknesses and you're simply not going to get objective advice from your mother or from your friend who is already a busy law school student or practicing attorney. When you work with Sibia, we'll provide invaluable law school admissions advice to ensure you're presenting the strongest possible candidacy and applying to the best schools for your personal strengths and career goals.

Get Advice Tailored to Your Unique Situation. When you work with a Sibia law school admissions consultant as part of our Silver package, you'll benefit from four in-depth strategy sessions focused solely on getting you into the possible law school. Your consultant will go through a detailed Questionnaire with you to determine the specific law schools to target. He'll collaborate on brainstorming the theme and structure of your personal statement and provide an in-depth edit and proofreading. Your consultant will help with your academic resume and interviewing if needed and can provide key insights on financial aid options. When you succeed, Sibia succeeds!

What You Receive

  • 4 sessions, one hour each, of telephone or Skype law school admissions advice and ongoing email support
  • Master Admissions Plan with Target Law Schools
  • In-depth help outlining personal statement and constructing application resume
  • Comprehensive critique, edit and proofreading of your law school personal statement and resume
  • Interview coaching with practice session
  • Additional two weeks of general email support

Details / Timeline

Questionnaire Response and Review

Client fills out Law School Admissions Questionnaire to identify strengths and potential weaknesses in his applicant profile, and to narrow down list of prospective law schools. Sibia consultant reviews client responses prior to first session.

First Session:
Master Admissions Plan

First Session: Sibia consultant provides Master Admissions Plan template and works with Client to lay out strategy. Consultant introduces Personal Statement Brainstorming Sheet & multiple Resume Templates.

Personal Statement Brainstorming Sheet
Resume Template and Draft

Client completes Personal Statement Brainstorming Sheet and drafts resume using chosen template.

Second Session:
Personal Statement Outline

Second session: Client and Sibia consultant review Client's Personal Statement Brainstorming Sheet and develop a detailed outline for the personal statement.

Personal Statement Draft and Review

Client completes the first draft of the personal statement. Consultant thoroughly critiques, edits and proofreads the draft in 48 hours, then returns redline version to client for review.

Third Session:
Personal Statement and Resume Review

Third session: Client and Sibia law school admissions consultant discuss, edit and improve the personal statement and resume drafts. Consultant provides Interviewing Guidelines document and interviewing advice.

Fourth Session:
Practice Interview with Feedback
Confirm Master Admissions Plan

Fourth session: Client and Consultant conduct practice interview and Consultant provides feedback.  Revisit Master Admissions Plan and ensure everything is on track. General email support continues for another 2 weeks.

Our Guarantee

Sibia’s Super Admissions Consulting Package provides you with the law school admissions advice and guidance you need to successfully gain admission to law school.  We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our services, and should you encounter any issues, contact us for an immediate solution. In the unlikely case the issue remains unresolved, we will give you a full refund or free credit for another Sibia service. Order now to get an insider’s guidance on the law school admissions process!

4 sessions of phone/Skype/email law school admissions advice, including a customized Master Admissions Plan and Review of 1 Personal Statement and 1 Resume

Purchase the Super Law School Admissions Advice Package - $650


"At first I wasn't sure whether to use Sibia or not, but my editor really helped me get the spark I wanted in my college admissions essay. Now I'm positive I will stand out among the thousands of applicants that I'm competing with. I will definitely use Sibia again. Thanks so much!!"

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