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Platinum Law School Personal Statement Review Package

Receive extensive guidance on crafting and delivering an extremely impressive law school personal statement.

Get invaluable advice every step of the way. It's remarkably difficult to produce an excellent personal statement that will allow you to stand out amongst applicants with similar grades and LSAT scores. Having a personal editor consultant assist you in developing your key themes and strategy, provide in-depth writing advice and crucial insights from the start through to the completion of your personal statement gives an almost unfair advantage over your competition.

Sibia guides you through the brainstorming and writing process. Sibia's Platinum editing package pairs you with an experienced admissions consultant and law school graduate who will coach and critique your personal statement from conception to completion. Following an initial consultation and brainstorming session via phone or IM chat and collaboration on an outline, your consultant will provide two comprehensive law school personal statement reviews of your drafts, answer all of your questions via email and complete a final in-depth proofreading and polish of your personal statement.

What You Receive

  • Initial personal statement consulting, brainstorming and outlining session via phone/Skype or chat; Your Consultant reviews your completed Questionnaire prior to session
  • Continued collaboration with your Law School Consultant via email as necessary to outline personal statement
  • Two separate comprehensive law school personal statement reviews, including input on structure, content, style and grammar and a detailed summary overview
  • Following each review, a redline version presenting your editor's recommended changes and comments, along with a fully proofed "clean" copy that incorporates these changes
  • Unlimited email support following each comprehensive law school personal statement review
  • A third review provides a thorough proofreading and polish, and an additional week of email support.
  • Option of standard (48 hours) or expedited (24 hours) delivery for each review

Details / Timeline

Complete the Questionnaire

Place an order, choosing the number of words based upon how many personal statement(s) you will complete, and you'll immediately receive our detailed Admissions Questionnaire. Fill it out and return it to us to provide your law school admissions consultant key information regarding your academic background, work history and extracurricular activities. We'll then set up your phone/skype brainstorming and outlining session.

Personal Statement
Brainstorming & Outlining

Prior to meeting for the brainstorming and outlining session, your Sibia law school consultant will have carefully reviewed your responses to the Questionnaire. Knowledgeable of your applicant profile, your consultant will have prepared potential approaches for your personal statement for discussion. The two of you will then outline your law school personal statement(s) during the hour-long session.

Complete Drafts of Personal Statement(s)
Submit to Your Law School Consultant

Write your initial draft(s) and submit them to your law school admissions consultant.  He will thoroughly critique, edit and proofread your essay(s) and improve their structure, flow and grammar.   He will untangle any awkward phrases and return your personal statement(s) by the method you requested: via email or secure download to your account within 48 or 24 hours.

Extensive Feedback
Actionable Advice

For each essay you submit, you will receive a redline version which shows you exactly what your consultant recommended to adjust, add or strike out. A detailed summary at the end of the redline version will provide an in-depth overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your law school personal statement(s). In addition, you will receive a fully proofed "clean" copy of each personal statement that has already incorporated our recommended changes.

Review, Re-edit and Re-Submit

After carefully reviewing your law school consultant's recommended changes, make appropriate changes and feel free to email your consultant if you have any questions. Once you've revised your personal statement(s), re-submit them to your editor for another thorough critique, editing and proofreading session. He'll return your law school personal statement(s) within 48 or 24 hours, as you had originally selected.

Final Proofread and Polish
Additional Email Support

For this last stage, make additional changes, ask any further questions of your consultant and then submit your law school personal statement(s) a third time for a final Proofread and Polish. Your consultant will perfect your essay(s) and return final redline and clean copies within 48 or 24 hours. You'll receive an additional 7 days of email support to ask any questions of your consultant.


Select from two delivery options: each essay is reviewed and returned in 48 hours with Standard Delivery, or in 24 hours with Accelerated Delivery.

Word Count Standard Price Accelerated Price
0-250 $275 $343
251-500 $305 $381
501-750 $335 $418
751 - 1000 $365 $456
1001 - 1500 $413 $516
1501 - 2000 $464 $580
2001 - 2500 $513 $641
2501 - 3000 $560 $699
3001 - 4000 $648 $799
4000+ Contact us for a quote

Our Guarantee

Sibia's Platinum Law School Essay Editing Service is designed for applicants who wish to receive very thorough law school personal statement reviews. Enjoy the security of knowing you have written the best possible personal statement by enlisting the assistance of Sibia Admissions. We guarantee your satisfaction with our service, and if you have any issues, contact us for an immediate resolution. If you remain dissatisfied, we are more than happy to give you a full refund or, alternatively, free credit to apply toward another Sibia service. Contact a Sibia consultant to get one step closer to your first-choice college today!

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