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Custom Law School Admissions Help Package

Describe to us your law school admission needs and we'll figure out how to meet them.

Law School Admissions Help Tailored to You.  Although Sibia's standard law school admissions consulting packages suit a majority of our customers, quite a few applicants opt to have a package customized to their particular needs. For example, if you would like more frequent telephone or skype video consulting or perhaps a greater number of reviews of your personal statement, we're happy to put such a program together. Or perhaps there isn't much time left and you need intense help in just a few days; we can accommodate this as well.

Sibia Law School Admissions Consultants Are as Flexible as You Need Us to Be.  Simply give us a call or fill out our "contact us" form and we'll figure it out with you!  Our prices are always reasonable and the depth of our admissions experience equates into excellent results for our clients.  All of our law school consultants have graduated from law school and are experts at assisting with personal statements and determining the best admission strategy given an applicant's unique background, challenges overcome and strengths.

What You Receive

  • Determine the precise number of consulting sessions based upon your needs and timeline
  • Set up the key milestones in your Master Admissions Plan  with your Sibia Consultant
  • Choose exactly how many personal statement(s) you'd like reviewed, the number of iterations and the focus of your consultant's review (e.g., just proofreading or an overall critique)
  • Determine when you'd like everything delivered -- fast (24 hours) or not so fast
  • Establish how much additional email and phone support you would like after formal law school admissions help is received

Details / Timeline

Explain to Sibia Exactly What Your Needs Are

Call or email us today to set forth your needs and goals. We'll carefully consider how best to help and then propose a plan and provide a quote for your Custom Package

Adjust the Consulting Plan as Needed                           Place an Order

Based on your input via phone or email, Sibia will fine-tune your proposed Custom Package to your satisfaction. Then place an order with us

Begin Your Consulting Sessions and Receive        Personal Statement Help from Your Consultant

Get started and let Sibia give you precisely the law school admissions help that ensures your applications to your top law schools are as strong as possible

Our Guarantee

The Custom Package is a flexible option for clients who need invaluable law school admissions help for their applications. However we build your package, we guarantee your satisfaction with our service, and if any issue does arise, contact us right away for a quick resolution. If you are not fully satisfied, we will refund your payment in full, or you may choose to receive full credit toward another Sibia service. Contact us today to set up a customized law school admissions package!

Law school admissions help that directly addresses your needs and questions

Custom Law School Admissions Help Package


"Thanks to David, my application essay improved a lot from the rough draft. There isn't a radical change, but my phrases seem a lot more thorough and clear in message. And his overall advise was pretty helpful in understanding why and how it improved that way."

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