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Law School Consulting Services from Sibia

Get invaluable guidance and advice with Sibia’s law school consulting and personal statement editing packages

The particular law school you enroll at will have an impact on your entire legal career. There are many critical factors to consider as you target the schools you will be applying to, craft and edit your personal statement, and then choose (if you've applied wisely) from the multiple schools that accepted you. Sibia Admissions law school consultants are here to assist you with this challenging endeavor. From personal statement editing to in-depth admissions consulting, our experienced advisors provide crucial insights and assistance throughout the application process.

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Law School Personal Statement Editing Services

The Importance of a Stellar Personal Statement.  Law school admissions officers want to choose applicants who are not only brilliant but who are also interesting, accomplished individuals. Your personal statement should illustrate how your experiences have prepared you to contribute immediately in the classroom and how your future goals as a lawyer make you an appealing candidate. Your goal, therefore, is to reveal key facts about yourself in a memorable and compelling manner.

Sibia Can Sculpt and Perfect Your Law School Personal Statement.  Our expert admissions advisers are very experienced at ensuring you maintain your unique voice while confirming that both the content and style of your personal statement is superb. We will edit your admissions essay to perfection depending on how much time you'd like us to spend on it with either our Silver, Gold or Platinum editing options.

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Law School Application Consulting Services

Essential Law School Applications Guidance.  You have to be strategic during the application process because your time and money are finite resources. Applying to law school is time-consuming and expensive, and so choosing the number of schools you apply to and your particular target schools is a tricky process. You want to make sure that you definitely get into several "safety" schools while also striving for admission at a few "reach" schools. The challenge is in choosing how to apply and then ensuring your application has everything you need to gain admittance--including flawless personal statements.

Your Sibia Consultant Will Help You Every Step of the Way.  If you choose to work with a Sibia law school consultant, she will not only provide you critical guidance and advice on the specific schools you should target, she will also closely work with you on crafting and perfecting a stellar set of personal statements. Our law school consulting packages include a Master Admissions Plan, academic resume creation, 4 or 7 hour-long consulting sessions via phone or skype video, and ongoing email support.

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Law School Pre-Application Consulting Services and LSAT Writing Sample Prep

Get a Head Start on the Competition.  In a challenging economy, application rates to law school are higher than ever and competition is stiff. Begin enhancing your candidacy by participating in activities that allow you to demonstrate you know what you're getting into with law school and show your foresight. Don't unintentionally allow yourself to be pigeon-holed as someone applying to law school because—despite being a strong candidate—he's not sure what else to do.

Gain an Advantage with Sibia.  Simply put, the decisions you make during your undergraduate years and prior to applying to law school affect your chances of admission. Get step-by-step advice with a Sibia Admissions law school consultant who has successfully walked the path to law school herself and is able to help you make informed choices to enhance your chances of admission to the school of your choice!

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"At first I wasn't sure whether to use Sibia or not, but my editor really helped me get the spark I wanted in my college admissions essay. Now I'm positive I will stand out among the thousands of applicants that I'm competing with. I will definitely use Sibia again. Thanks so much!!"

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