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Ultimate International Pre-Admissions Prep Package

Receive targeted counseling and feedback even before you begin applying.

Make the right decisions every step of the way to ensure future admissions success. The program you select, in terms of both school quality and location, could greatly impact the rest of your life. Therefore, you should take the time to research potential schools, learn more about their student bodies and faculty members, their unique course offerings and other features before beginning to request and submit your applications.

With Sibia, you’ll be fully informed of your choices before spending application fees. For international students in particular, applying to programs outside of the country is a costly process. In addition to application fees, you will most likely have to cover the costs of standardized test administration, score reporting, test prep (if applicable), transcript requests, etc. At Sibia, we certainly understand that you want to make the most of your time and money. We will help you to consider all the crucial factors of studying abroad so that you make well-informed decisions about where and how to apply.

What You Receive

  • 7 sessions, each lasting one hour, of Skype or telephone pre-application preparation
  • Unlimited email and phone calls to your Sibia Consultant during business hours
  • Academics, Experience, and Standardized Test Map, which outlines relevant courses to have completed before applying and sets forth target standardized test scores, based on your academic credentials and target programs
  • Personal Applicant Profile, which distinguishes you from other applicants to admissions officers
  • School Selection Plan to identify the best-match schools that you should target, in light of your academic background and preferences
  • Resume assistance in preparation for your Applicant Profile

Details / Timeline

Questionnaire Response and Review

Submit an order with Sibia, at which point you will receive an Academic Questionnaire about your school background, extracurricular achievements, and applicable work experiences. Your Consultant reviews the responses prior to the First Session.

First Session:
Questionnaire Assessment

First Session: Your and your Sibia Consultant assess your academic and professional background using the Questionnaire as a guide, and then identify application strengths and weaknesses. Sibia Consultant introduces the Academics, Experience and Standardized Test Map.

Second Session:
Academics, Experience, and
Standardized Test Map

Second Session: You and your Consultant finalize the details of your Academics, Experience, & Standardized Test Map.  Together, establish specific action steps and a clear timeline for completion based upon your admissions needs and schedule.

Third Session:
Outline Personal Applicant Profile

Third Session:  Your personal Sibia Consultant presents an outline of a Personal Applicant Profile that will form the basis of your application theme. The Profile emphasizes your primary positive characteristics to be showcased to admissions officers.

Fourth Session:
Strengthen Applicant Profile

Fourth session: You and your Sibia Consultant jointly develop the Applicant Profile, and then establish the necessary steps to compensate for any weaknesses to improve the  Profile. Consultant also provides Resume Templates for your review.

Fifth Session:
Resume Consulting and Editing
School Selection Plan

Fifth session: Sibia Consultant works closely with you to outline, organize and complete a first draft of your application resume.  Consultant reveals initial list of recommended programs in School Selection Plani, based upon your Academics, Experience & Standardized Test Map, Applicant Profile, and resume.

Sixth Session:
Finalize School Selection Plan
complete Final Resume Draft

Sixth session: You and the Sibia Consultant assess each listed school and refine the target list. Your resume draft is finalized as well.

Seventh Session:
Ad Hoc - Any Remaining Documents
Personal Statement Brainstorming Sheet

Seventh Session:  Client and Sibia Consultant finalize all necessary documents and ensure that additional action steps are clear. You can continue to call or email your personal Sibia consultant for an additional two weeks of lpre-admissions planning and support.

Our Guarantee

Due to Sibia’s personal approach to admissions consulting, the Ultimate International Pre-Admissions Prep Package provides you with relevant pre-admissions advice, targeted to your academic background and objectives. You work closely with a Sibia consultant who will take the time to understand precisely what you need to prepare for the admissions process to English-speaking universities. Sibia Admissions guarantees your satisfaction with this service, but if you come across any issue, contact us so that we can solve it immediately. Should you remain dissatisfied, you can select either a full refund or free credit for use toward another service offered by Sibia. Start planning how you will study abroad as an international student today and contact a Sibia consultant!

7 one-hour sessions of international pre-admissions prep and unlimited access to personal Sibia consultant, including a Prospective Curriculum Map, Standardized Test Guide, School Selection Plan, Personal Assessment Profile, and more

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