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Ultimate International Admissions Planning Package

Utilize Sibia’s international admissions planning advice to approach your applications confidently.

Take advantage of the admissions process to showcase your accomplishments. You can spin the admissions game in your favor by making the most of your application contents. How so? Every piece of your application, however inconsequential, can be presented in a manner that highlights your strengths and downplays any perceived weaknesses. Learn more about how to do this with your personal Sibia consultant, who can also help you to make decisions about where to apply and how to compile all the required materials for your applications.

Methodically tackle and conquer each step of the admissions process. With Sibia’s Ultimate International Admissions Planning Package, you will receive your personal consultant’s undivided attention. International applicants will also benefit from our understanding of how much more complex the admissions procedure can become for non-U.S. citizens. The Sibia team takes great care to get to know our clients well enough, so that we can provide relevant admissions guidance that targets any potential weaknesses and improves the strength of your applications drastically.

What You Receive

  • 7 sessions, one hour each, of phone or Skype international admissions planning
  • Unlimited phone calls and email to Sibia Consultant during business hours
  • Master Admissions Plan with Target Schools
  • Extensive assistance brainstorming & outlining multiple personal statements and resume
  • 3 separate reviews—including a critique, editing & proofreading—of the admissions essay(s), up to 3000 words total
  • Two comprehensive reviews of the application resume
  • Interview coaching with practice session and constructive criticism, if applicable
  • Final proofreading and polish of personal statements and resume
  • Additional month of phone and email support

Details / Timeline

Questionnaire Response and Review

After submitting your order, you will immediately receive the Admissions Questionnaire to identify the strengths and potential weaknesses in your general applicant profile. This information will also be used to narrow down your list of target schools. Your Sibia Admissions Consultant reviews your responses before the first session.

First and Second Sessions:
Master Admissions Plan
Preliminary International Admissions Planning

First and second Sessions: You and your personal Consultant confirm the major strengths and challenges in your applicant profile.  Together, you then develop the Master Admissions Plan and target specific schools and programs. Identify detailed steps and corresponding deadlines to obtain required documents, including recommendation letters, standardized test score reports, and transcripts.

Personal Statement Brainstorming Sheet
Resume Template and Draft

Consultant provides the Sibia Personal Statement Brainstorming Sheet & multiple Resume Templates. You complete the Brainstorming Sheet and, after selecting a Template, create the first draft of your resume.

Third Session:
Personal Statement Outlines

Third Session: After reviewing the completed Brainstorming Sheet with your Sibia Consultant, develop thorough outlines for all required admissions essays.

Personal Statement Drafts and Review

Write the first drafts for all of your personal statements and send them to your Consultant, who will thoroughly critique and edit each draft. Redline versions will be returned to you for your review within 48 hours of submission.

Fourth Session
Personal Statement Review
Resume Review and Editing

Fourth Session: Evaluate, edit and perfect your personal statement drafts with your Sibia Consultant. As time allows, you both can also discuss and revise the resume draft.

Second Revision & Review of Personal Statements

Rewrite each personal statement and submit for the second comprehensive review. Consultant edits and returns the personal statements to you within 48 hours of submission.

Fifth and Sixth Sessions:
Finalize Personal Statements and Resume
Execute Master Admissions Plan

Fifth and Sixth Sessions: Execute your personal Master Admissions Plan with target schools. You submit all personal statements and your resume for a final proofreading and polish, and they will be returned to you in 48 hours. If applicable, Consultant provides Interviewing Guidelines document and admissions interview advice.

Admissions Interview Coaching

Seventh session: You and your Sibia Consultant engge in a practice admissions interview, after which your Consultant will offer a critique and helpful advice. Master Admissions Plan is reviewed to ensure you are on track to complete your goals by their deadlines. General phone and email support continues for an additional 30 days.

Our Guarantee

Even if you have not begun researching prospective schools, Sibia’s Ultimate International Admissions Planning Package can guide you through all steps, from start to finish, of the application process. Now is when you can reap the benefits of your past academic and professional accomplishments. The Sibia team guarantees 100% satisfaction with the service we offer, so make sure you contact us immediately if any issue arises. If you remain dissatisfied, you can select to receive either a full refund or free credit to use for another Sibia service. Start planning your academic future wisely with Sibia’s guidance and contact us today!

7 sessions of phone/Skype/email international admissions planning, unlimited access to consultant during business hours, including a customized Master Admissions Plan and Review of Multiple Essays (up to 2500 words total) and Resume

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