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Platinum International Application Essay Help Package

Sibia gives relevant application essay advice for international students seeking to study overseas.

Don’t waste any time and start off on the right foot with your admissions essay. Especially if English is not your first language, you may be struggling to identify a topic through which you can articulate yourself clearly. Regardless of which stage you find yourself in, a Sibia consultant can help you to take charge of the writing process. Brainstorm a number of viable personal statement topics before you settle on your final choice. Choosing the right subject makes a significant difference, as admissions officers will be able to tell whether your personal statement is sincere.

Deliver a personal statement that truly stands out to admissions officers. Sibia’s excellent application essay advice for international students is enhanced in this Platinum Package, which additionally provides you with valuable guidance as you brainstorm essay topics and outline your personal statement. These initial steps certainly impact the quality of your final version. Thus, take all the right steps from the start of the writing process with the assistance of your qualified Sibia consultant.

What You Receive

  • Initial application essay help, brainstorming and outlining session via phone, Skype or chat; Your Sibia Consultant examines your Questionnaire responses beforehand
  • Continued collaboration with your Sibia Consultant via email to outline essay draft
  • Two separate, thorough reviews of your personal statement(s),  with detailed feedback on structure, content, style and grammar, and a detailed summary overview of each essay
  • Following each review, a redline version highlighting your Consultant's suggested changes and comments, along with a fully proofed "clean" copy incorporating such changes
  • Unlimited email support following each comprehensive personal statement review
  • A third, final proofreading and polish, followed by an additional week of email support.
  • Option of standard (48 hours) or expedited (24 hours) delivery for each review

Details / Timeline

Complete the Questionnaire

Place an order with Sibia and select the number of words based upon how many application essay(s) you will complete, and you will receive our detailed Admissions Questionnaire right away. Complete and return the Questionnaire to your personal Sibia Consultant, who will review the information regarding your academic background, relevant professional experiences and extracurricular activities. Then, we will schedule your phone/Skype brainstorming and outlining session.

Personal Statement Topic
Brainstorming & Outlining

Before the brainstorming and outlining session, your Sibia Consultant will have gone over your responses to the Questionnaire to prepare potential topics for your personal statement for discussion. Then, the two of you will outline your admissions essay(s) during the hour-long session.

Draft Your Personal Statement(s)
Send to Your Sibia Consultant

Write the first draft(s) of your personal statement(s), and then submit them to your personal Sibia Consultant. She will thoroughly critique, edit and proofread your essay(s) and improve their structure, flow and grammar, in addition to revising awkward phrases. Then, your application essay(s) will be returned to you by the requested method, email or secure download to your account, within 48 or 24 hours.

Receive Extensive Feedback
Make Use of Application Essay Help

For each admissions essay submitted, you will receive a redline version detailing your Consultant's precise adjustments, additions and deletions. A detailed summary at the end of the redline version will provide a thorough breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of your personal statement(s). You will also receive a fully proofed "clean" copy of each personal statement that has already included your Sibia Consultant's suggested changes.

Review, Rewrite and Re-Submit

After considering your Sibia Consultant's suggested modifications, make the appropriate changes and email your Consultant if you have any questions. Once you've rewritten your admissions essay(s), send them back to your Consultant for another comprehensive critique, editing and proofreading session. The Consultant will return your personal statement(s) to you within 48 or 24 hours, as you had originally selected.

Final Proofread and Polish
Additional Email Support

In this last stage, make additional changes to your personal statement(s), pose further questions to your Consultant, and then submit your essay(s) again for a third and final Proofread and Polish. Your Consultant will ensure your admissions essay(s) are flawless and return final redline and clean copies within 48 or 24 hours. In addition, you will receive 7 more days of email support to ask your Consultant any outstanding questions you may have.


Select from two delivery options: each essay is reviewed and returned in 48 hours with Standard Delivery, or in 24 hours with Accelerated Delivery.

Word Count Standard Price Accelerated Price
0-250 $275 $343
251-500 $305 $381
501-750 $335 $418
751 - 1000 $365 $456
1001 - 1500 $413 $516
1501 - 2000 $464 $580
2001 - 2500 $513 $641
2501 - 3000 $560 $699
3001 - 4000 $648 $799
4000+ Contact us for a quote

Our Guarantee

The Sibia Platinum International Application Essay Help Package will certainly streamline the writing process so you come up with a memorable admissions essay that accurately reflects your strong candidacy. Sibia's comprehensive advice for international students will heighten your chances of admission to the programs you target. Sibia Admissions guarantees 100% satisfaction with our services. If an issue arises, please contact us so that we can resolve it promptly. If you are still dissatisfied, we will offer you either a full refund or free credit for another Sibia package. Don’t put it off any longer—begin working on your personal statement with a Sibia consultant today!

Write outstanding personal statements to secure your academic goals

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"Thanks! This was exactly what I was looking for. My undergraduate degree was in English. I am by nature quite critical with my own writing and would trust few people to review a personal statement applying to a surgery fellowship. Sibia exceeded my expectations."

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