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Gold International Application Essay Review Package

Showcase your credentials and strong writing skills through a flawless personal statement.

Multiple reviews and drafts will take your essay to the next level. The care you devote to your personal statement will prove to admissions officers that you are genuinely interested in attending their schools. A strong personal statement must of course indicate why you are a qualified candidate for admissions. Moreover, the personal statement is designed to reveal your writing skills to admissions officers, who want to be sure that your language skills are at the appropriate level to pursue a course of study at an English-speaking school.

With the benefit of our expertise, continuously revise your personal statement. The Gold Application Essay Review Package offered by Sibia allows you to cycle through two drafts of your personal statement with the close guidance of an admissions expert. Take advantage of the customized advice and extensive application essay review services you receive with your Sibia consultant, so that your personal statement truly shines and sets you apart as an international applicant.

What You Receive

  • Two separate comprehensive reviews of personal statement draft(s), including feedback about structure, content, style and grammar, as well as a detailed summary overview
  • Following each review, a redline version highlighting your editor's recommended changes and comments, along with a fully proofed "clean" copy that incorporates these changes
  • Unlimited email support following each comprehensive application essay review
  • A third review provides a thorough proofreading and polish, followed by one additional week of email support
  • Option of standard (48 hours) or expedited (24 hours) delivery for each review

Details / Timeline

Submit Your Draft(s)

Place an order and upload your admissions essay(s), as many as you wish, as long as they remain within the word count you have chosen.

Application Essay Review,
Proofreading and Consulting

We will email you to confirm that your personal statement(s) have been received. A Sibia Consultant will begin reviewing your essay(s) immediately to improve their structure, flow and grammar.   He will rework any awkward phrases, ensure flawless English, and return your essay(s) to you by the method requested, via email or secure download to your account, within 48 or 24 hours.

Detailed Critique
Invaluable Input 

For each essay you submit, you will receive a redline version detailing your editor's exact recommended changes, additions, and deletions. Furthermore, a detailed summary at the end of the redline version will provide a thorough overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your statement(s). You will additionally receive a fully proofed "clean" copy of each personal statement that has already incorporated our recommended changes.

Review, Re-edit and Re-submit

After carefully examining your Sibia Consultant's suggested alterations, make the appropriate changes and email your Consultant with any questions you may have. Once you've rewritten your admissions essay(s), return them to your editor for another thorough critique, editing and proofreading session. She'll return your personal statement(s) to you within 48 or 24 hours, as originally selected.

Final Proofread and Polish
Additional Email Support

For this last stage, make additional changes, ask any further questions of your consultant and then obtain a third round of personal statement advice in a final Proofread and Polish. Your personal Sibia Consultant will perfect your essay(s) and return final redline and clean copies within 48 or 24 hours. You'll also receive 7 days of email support to ask any questions of your consultant.


Select from two delivery options: each essay is reviewed and returned in 48 hours with Standard Delivery, or in 24 hours with Accelerated Delivery.

Word Count Standard Price Accelerated Price
0-250 $179 $223
251-500 $199 $248
501-750 $219 $273
751 - 1000 $239 $298
1001 - 1500 $279 $348
1501 - 2000 $319 $398
2001 - 2500 $359 $448
2501 - 3000 $399 $498
3001 - 4000 $479 $598
4000+ Contact us for a quote

Our Guarantee

International applicants utilize Sibia's Gold Application Essay Review Package to access expert admissions advice and top-notch editing services for the improvement of their personal statements. Turn in a personal statement that you are certain expresses your intentions clearly and describes your background in a positive light. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with this package. If any issue arises, contact us right away so that we can resolve it. However, if you are still dissatisfied, you can receive a full refund or free credit for another Sibia service. Begin developing the best possible personal statement by getting in touch with a Sibia consultant now!

Sibia will raise your admissions personal statement to the next level

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