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How Sibia Serves Applicants Living Outside of the United States

Seeking all opportunities available to you in your home country. Students who do not reside in the United States may find it more challenging to access such simple resources as nearby, convenient test locations for required standardized examinations, whether the SATs or the GMAT. However, these issues are easily resolvable in most locations, and you can learn more about taking advantage of the resources available to you with Sibia.

Selecting the best programs and schools for you from afar. Oftentimes, international students may not have the luxury of visiting their target universities in advance to determine which will be the best fit for them. Moreover, those who have never visited the United States before may have trouble envisioning the region of the country to which they would prefer to relocate. In addition to the research you do on your own, depending on your academic interests and personal aspirations, Sibia Admissions offers you useful information about specific programs, so that you put in the effort applying to the right universities!

Surmounting barriers of culture, distance and language. International students certainly deserve equal opportunities to further their education in the United States. You should feel confident in your abilities and qualifications, and move forward with your applications accordingly. Barriers caused by language competency, physical distance and cultural differences can always be overcome. You’re approaching an extraordinarily exciting new phase in your life, so approach it with a clear vision of your goals and you will heighten your chances of success.

Receiving the admissions consulting services you need, regardless of your time zone. Even though you may be living continents away from Sibia Admissions, which is based in the United States, we employ consultants internationally, and there will always be a Sibia consultant available to assist you with your applications and admissions questions. We are mindful that each country and each applicant presents a unique consulting case, so the Sibia team takes every measure to provide you with relevant admissions guidance.

In addition to the admissions consulting expertise regarding American programs that we offer, Sibia’s consultants take into account your personal circumstances and the resources available in your native country. Our highly customized approach to admissions consulting ensures that you receive the most useful guidance possible, as you target your programs of interest in the United States and prepare successful applications.

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"I want to express my sincere appreciation to Miss Dona Le. I am very pleased with her service. Her response was very prompt, and the suggestions and revisions were very beautiful.

Many thanks to Sibia Admissions!"

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