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Ultimate Graduate School Guidance & Prep Package

Don’t miss a beat on your forward march to earning your graduate degree.

Use your time wisely and streamline the graduate school admissions process. Many applicants opt to go directly to graduate school after earning their undergraduate degrees. As a result, some of you may be juggling senior theses and other final-year requirements as you prepare your applications and study for the GRE. Ensure that you have the time and energy to perform to the best of your ability in all of these tasks with effective pre-graduate school guidance and preparation.

Sibia takes into account your full schedule and your specific pre-admissions needs. This Ultimate Graduate School Guidance & Prep Package is ideal for graduate school applicants who have a clear vision of their ultimate academic goals: they simply need assistance getting there! With your personal Sibia consultant, learn more about which schools you should target, how to get in touch with faculty members and make valuable connections, when to take the GRE, and so on.

What You Receive

  • 7 sessions, one hour each, of Skype or telephone graduate school guidance
  • Unlimited email and phone calls to your Sibia Grad School Consultant during business hours
  • Academics, Experience, and GRE Map, which outlines relevant courses to have completed before applying and sets forth target GRE scores, based on your academic credentials and target grad school programs
  • Personal Applicant Profile, which distinguishes you from other applicants to admissions officers
  • Graduate School Selection Plan to identify the specific programs you should target, given your academic background and preferences
  • Resume assistance in preparation for your Applicant Profile

Details / Timeline

Questionnaire Response and Review

Submit an order with Sibia, at which point you will receive a Graduate School Academic Questionnaire about your school background, extracurricular achievements, and research interests. Your Consultant reviews your responses prior to the First Session.

First Session:
Questionnaire Assessment

First Session: Your and your Sibia Consultant assess your academic background using the Questionnaire as a guide, and then identify application strengths and weaknesses. Sibia Consultant introduces the Academics, Experience and GRE Map.

Second Session:
Academics, Experience, and GRE Map

Second Session: You and your Consultant finalize the details of your Academics, Experience, & GRE Map.  Together, you both establish specific action steps and a clear timeline for completion, based upon your admissions needs and schedule.

Third Session:
Outline Personal Applicant Profile

Third Session:  Your Sibia Grad School Consultant presents an outline of a Personal Applicant Profile that will form the foundation of your application theme. The Profile emphasizes your primary positive characteristics to be showcased to admissions officers.

Fourth Session:
Strengthen Applicant Profile

Fourth session: You and your Sibia Consultant jointly develop the Applicant Profile, and then establish the necessary steps to compensate for any weaknesses to improve the  Profile. Consultant also provides Resume Templates for your review.

Fifth Session:
Resume Consulting and Editing
Graduate School Selection Plan

Fifth session: Sibia Consultant works closely with you to outline, organize and complete a first draft of your application resume.  Consultant reveals initial list of recommended programs in Graduate School Selection Plan, based upon your Academics, Experience & GRE Map, Applicant Profile, and resume.

Sixth Session:
Finalize Graduate School Selection Plan
complete Final Resume Draft

Sixth session: You and the Sibia Consultant assess each listed graduate school and refine the target list. Your resume draft is finalized as well.

Seventh Session:
Ad Hoc - Any Remaining Documents
Personal Statement Brainstorming Sheet

Seventh Session:  You and your Consultant finalize all necessary documents and ensure that additional action steps are clear. You can continue to call or email your personal Sibia Grad School Consultant for an additional two weeks of graduate school guidance and support.

Our Guarantee

For graduate school applicants who want invaluable pre-admissions graduate school guidance that is specific and relevant, Sibia’s Ultimate Package is the optimal consulting service. You can collaborate closely with your personal consultant to formulate pre-application a strategy and timeline that increase your chances of admissions success when you submit your applications to graduate schools. At Sibia, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our work, but in case any issue arises, you can always contact us so that we resolve it quickly. However, if you remain dissatisfied, you can choose to receive a full refund or free credit toward another Sibia service. Get in touch with a Sibia consultant today and begin preparing for graduate school!

7 one-hour sessions of graduate school guidance and unlimited access to Sibia Consultant, including an Academics, Experience & GRE Map, Graduate School Selection Plan, Personal Applicant Profile and more

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"I want to express my sincere appreciation to Miss Dona Le. I am very pleased with her service. Her response was very prompt, and the suggestions and revisions were very beautiful.

Many thanks to Sibia Admissions!"

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