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Super Pre-Graduate School Prep Package

Determine what steps to complete to prepare for the admissions process and grad school.

Research your target graduate programs in advance and plan ahead accordingly. As graduate programs are usually small, you should ensure you expend your energy applying to those that will provide the faculty members and resources you need to pursue your academic passions productively. Research each school to learn more about its department atmosphere and student body as well. Once you know more about each program, you can successfully map out the short-range goals that will get you closer to gaining to admission to graduate school.

Preparing for grad school can be stress-free and enjoyable. You are most likely pursuing a graduate degree in a field that you find intellectually stimulating and that incites your academic passion. Therefore, you should take the time to enjoy a fulfilling undergraduate experience, which also gives you the knowledge and skills to perform well in graduate school. The Super Pre-Graduate School Prep Package helps you to do so by outlining what you need to accomplish well in advance, so you feel little stress and can look forward to your future.

What You Receive

  • 4 sessions, one hour each, of phone/Skype graduate school prep and ongoing email support
  • Academics, Experience, and GRE Map, which includes useful courses to take before applying, and the GRE scores to aim for, given your academic background and target graduate schools
  • Graduate School Selection Plan, identifying target schools, given your needs and credentials
  • Personal Applicant Profile that markets your candidacy effectively to admissions officers

Details / Timeline

Academic Questionnaire and
First Consulting Session

As soon as you submit your order, you will receive a detailed Graduate School Academic Questionnaire to describe your undergraduate background, extracurricular achievements, and relevant professional experiences. Consultant reviews your responses before the First Session, when your goals and the necessary steps to meet such goals are identified in detail.

Second Session:
Academics, Experience & GRE Map

Second Session: Sibia Consultant provides preliminary draft of your Academics, Experience and GRE Map. You and your Consultant discuss and develop detailed action steps, and your Consultant will also suggest initial options for target graduate schools.

Third Session:
Personal Applicant Profile

Third Session: Your Consultant works with you to create a unique Personal Applicant Profile and general application theme, which highlight your unique strengths and present any potential shortcomings in your application in a positive light.

Fourth Session:
Graduate School Selection Plan

Fourth Session:  Your Sibia Consultant provides a list of recommended programs in the Graduate School Selection Plan, basing choices on your Profile and preferences. Together, you assess and finalize list of your target graduate schools.

Additional Email Support

After the Fourth Session, you can contact your personal Sibia Consultant for an additional two weeks of email pre-graduate school prep support, as you prepare to apply to the programs of your choice.

Our Guarantee

Sibia’s Super Graduate School Prep {ackage illuminates the short-term goals you should accomplish to pave your way to graduate school successfully. Your application reviewers will discern that you are an outstanding and desirable candidate if you take the time now to plan for success. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with this consulting service, but of course, contact us for a prompt solution if any issue arises. Should you remain less than happy, we will offer you a full refund or free credit for your use toward another Sibia service of your choice. Get in touch with Sibia now to learn more about the graduate school admissions procedure!

4 one-hour sessions of pre-graduate school application planning, including an Academics, Experience, & GRE Map, Graduate School Selection Plan and Personal Applicant Profile

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"It's been great working with you and the results are excellent! As I said before, I feel much more confident of my essay now. It's been totally worth and I'm very glad I took a step forward with Sibia. I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues.

Thank you very much again for you work."

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