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Super Graduate School Advice & Consulting Package

Get important graduate school advice that will enhance your applications.

Utilize all parts of your application to present yourself in the best possible light. The faculty members and admissions officers who review your grad school application will take into consideration your statement of purpose, recommendation letters, and writing sample (if applicable), in addition to the usual GRE scores and undergraduate grades. Be sure that you complete all of these sections of your application with the utmost care and attention.

Lift yourself above the pool of applicants with Sibia’s graduate school advice. Two crucial factors of your application to grad school are whether you have the motivation to earn your postgraduate degree, and whether your prospective research area matches the strengths of the faculty members of the program in question. You must also prove that you have the strong academic background necessary to excel in a graduate program. With Sibia’s Super Graduate School Advice & Consulting package, you will submit an application that demonstrates the above, and more!

What You Receive

  • 4 one-hour sessions of telephone or Skype graduate school admissions consulting and ongoing email support
  • Master Admissions Plan with Target Graduate Schools
  • In-depth graduate school advice as you outline your personal statement(s) and create your resume
  • Through critique, edit and proofreading of your statement(s) of purpose and resume
  • Interview coaching with practice session
  • Additional two weeks of general graduate school advice via email

Details / Timeline

Questionnaire Response and Review

After placing an order, you will receive a Graduate School Admissions Questionnaire to complete, in order to identify the strengths and potential weaknesses in your applicant profile and to create list of prospective graduate school programs. Your Sibia Consultant reviews your responses before the first consulting session.

First Session:
Master Admissions Plan

First Session: Sibia Consultant provides you with the Master Admissions Plan template for your grad school program of choice and develops initial admissions strategy. Consultant also introduces Personal Statement Brainstorming Sheet & multiple Resume Templates.

Personal Statement Brainstorming Sheet
Resume Template and Draft

Before the second session, you complete the Personal Statement Brainstorming Sheet and draft your resume with the chosen template.

Second Session:
Personal Statement Outline

Second session: With your Sibia Consultant, review your Brainstorming Sheet, select a statement of purpose topic, and develop a detailed outline for the statement.

Personal Statement Draft and Review

Complete the first draft of your personal statement and send it to your Sibia Consultant, who will thoroughly critique, edit and proofread the draft in 48 hours. The redline version of your draft personal statement will be returned to you for your review.

Third Session:
Personal Statement and Resume Review

Third session: You and your personal Sibia Consultant  discuss, edit and improve the personal statement and resume drafts. Consultant provides Interviewing Guidelines document and basic admissions interview advice, if applicable.

Fourth Session:
Practice Interview with Feedback
Confirm Master Admissions Plan

Fourth session: If applicable,  you and your Consultant conduct a practice interview, followed by performance feedback. Re-evaluate the Master Admissions Plan to ensure you are on track to complete the following necessary steps. General graduate school advice and consulting via email continues for an additional 2 weeks.

Our Guarantee

You and Sibia know that you possess the qualifications and drive to gain admission to your target graduate schools, and our task at hand is to clearly show admissions officers that you are an ideal candidate whom they cannot miss. Tackle your grad school applications in a thorough and savvy manner to heighten your chances of admission. Sibia guarantees your 100% satisfaction with this admissions consulting package, but if you come across any issue, contact us for an immediately resolution. If you remain displeased, you can select between receiving a full refund of your payment or free credit for another Sibia service. Get in touch with Sibia now to access insiders’ expertise regarding the admissions process!

4 sessions of phone/Skype/email graduate school advice & consulting, including a customized Master Admissions Plan and Review of Personal Statement and Resume

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"Thanks! This was exactly what I was looking for. My undergraduate degree was in English. I am by nature quite critical with my own writing and would trust few people to review a personal statement applying to a surgery fellowship. Sibia exceeded my expectations."

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