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Gold Graduate School Admissions Essay Review Service

Writing, revising and editing are crucial steps to a memorable personal statement.

Put to use Sibia’s customized feedback to perfect your personal statement. “Blind” rewriting, without identifying and addressing the weaknesses in your draft personal statement, is not a productive exercise. Instead, you should be able to see the progression of your personal statement from a rough draft to a polished final version that has eliminated irrelevant content, wordiness, and other flaws in your first cut. Your consultant will provide you with precisely the admissions insight and specific comments you need to craft a statement of purpose that sets you apart from other applicants.

Consult with Sibia to learn the direction that your personal statement must take for improvement. Most applicants find that they must cycle through multiple drafts before they come up with a final version of the personal statement that is of submission quality and that will enhance their candidacy. With Sibia’s Gold Graduate School Admissions Essay Review Service, you receive a second thorough review and edit of your personal statement draft, after it has already been improved with the advice of your personal consultant. Be sure to turn in a personal statement that makes you an irresistible addition to your graduate school of choice.

What You Receive

  • Two separate comprehensive graduate school admissions essay reviews, including input regarding structure, content, style and grammar, as well as a detailed summary overview
  • Following each review, a redline version presenting your editor's recommended changes and comments, along with a fully proofed "clean" copy that incorporates these changes
  • Unlimited email support following each thorough review of your grad school personal statement
  • A third graduate school admissions essay review provides a thorough proofreading and polish and an additional week of email support
  • Option of standard (48 hours) or expedited (24 hours) delivery for each review

Details / Timeline

Submit Your Draft(s)

Place an order and upload your graduate school personal statement(s). Submit as many drafts as you wish, within the word count you have chosen.

Graduate School Admissions Essay
Review, Editing and Consulting

You will receive confirmation that your personal statement(s) have been received. A Sibia Graduate School Consultant will thoroughly critique, edit and proofread your essay(s) and improve their structure, flow and grammar.   She will untangle any awkward phrases and return your personal statement(s) to you within 48 or 24 hours by the method you requested, via email or secure download to your account.

Detailed Critique
Invaluable Input 

For each essay you submit, you will receive a redline version showing exactly what your editor suggested you adjust, add or strike out. A detailed summary at the end of the redline version will provide an in-depth overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your statement(s) of purpose. In addition, you will receive a fully proofed "clean" copy of each personal statement that has already incorporated our recommended changes.

Review, Re-edit and Re-Submit

After carefully reviewing your Grad School Consultant's recommended changes, make the appropriate changes and feel free to email your Consultant if you have any questions. Once you've rewritten your personal statement(s), re-submit them to your Sibia Consultant for another thorough critique, editing and proofreading session. She'll return your graduate school essay(s) back again within 48 or 24 hours, as you had originally selected.

Final Proofread and Polish
Additional Email Support

For this last stage, make additional changes, ask any further questions of your consultant and then submit your graduate school personal statement(s) a third time for a final Proofread and Polish. Your Consultant will perfect your essay(s) and return final redline and clean copies within 48 or 24 hours. You'll receive an additional 7 days of email support to ask any questions of your Consultant.


Select from two delivery options: each essay is reviewed and returned in 48 hours with Standard Delivery, or in 24 hours with Accelerated Delivery.

Word Count Standard Price Accelerated Price
0-250 $179 $223
251-500 $199 $248
501-750 $219 $273
751 - 1000 $239 $298
1001 - 1500 $279 $348
1501 - 2000 $319 $398
2001 - 2500 $359 $448
2501 - 3000 $399 $498
3001 - 4000 $479 $598
4000+ Contact us for a quote

Our Guarantee

This Gold Graduate School Admissions Essay Review Service targets applicants have completed a rough draft of the personal statement but seek thorough guidance and admissions advice to enhance its contents and fine-tune its overall quality. The Sibia Admissions team will help you to get closer to your target graduate program. We offer you a 100% guarantee that you will be happy with our work. Should any problem arise, contact us for a prompt solution. If you are still dissatisfied, we will offer you a full refund or free credit to use for another Sibia service. Take charge of your statement of purpose now and submit your draft to Sibia!

Revise your personal statement draft until it is ready to impress admissions officers

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Many thanks to Sibia Admissions!"

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