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Custom Graduate School Advising & Preparation Package

Aim for success by targeting any potential weaknesses in your admissions strategy early on.

Grad school admissions is much more than your grades and GRE scores. As a graduate student in either a master’s or doctoral program, you will be expected to conduct relevant and useful research from a unique angle. Thus, admissions officers and grad school departments seek candidates who are self-motivated, have already demonstrated achievements in their fields of study, possess a clear idea of their prospective research interests, and harbor the passion to succeed in the competitive environment of academia.

Convince admissions officers you are a desirable candidate by being one. Admissions officers and faculty members who review your grad school applications look beyond “the numbers” to ensure you have the qualities outlined above. Even a perfect GRE score will not get you into the top graduate schools if you do not demonstrate focus in your career goals, or if your research interests do not coincide with those of the department. Therefore, position yourself as the best applicant by amassing the concrete qualifications, skills, and experiences to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

What You Receive

  • As many sessions as required with your personal Sibia Grad School Consultant to gain invaluable pre-graduate school advising and guidance, and help with any of the following:
  • Academics, Experience and GRE Map
  • Personal Applicant Profile
  • Graduate School Selection Plan
  • Resume creation
  • Whatever else you need!

Details / Timeline

Tell Us About Your Grad School Admissions Goals

Contact Sibia Admissions now by phone or email, and describe your academic background, timeline, and grad school admissions goals. We will then create a Custom Graduate School Advising & Preparation Package tailored to your admissions needs.

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After reviewing the details of the proposed Custom Graduate School Advising & Preparation Package, contact us and we will refine the Package to your satisfaction. Then, you can immediately place an order with Sibia.

Begin Working with Your Personal
Sibia Grad School Consultant

Get started immediately, and your Sibia Consultant will help you to prepare yourself thoroughly for the graduate school admissions process.

Our Guarantee

You will set yourself apart from other qualified applicants to graduate school with Sibia’s Custom Graduate School Advising & Preparation Package. Guided by your consultant’s customized graduate school advising, you will prepare yourself more than sufficiently to tackle the grad school admissions process. Sibia Admissions guarantees your 100% satisfaction with this package, but should you encounter any issue, contact us so that we can resolve it immediately. In the unlikely event you remain dissatisfied, we can offer you a full refund or free credit for another Sibia package. Launch your academic career early and contact Sibia now!

Figure out the best way to achieve your graduate school goals with your personal Sibia Consultant

Custom Graduate School Advising & Preparation Package


"David provided excellent editing and recommendations for my personal statement used for business school admission. The turnaround was as advertised and the returned comments were thoughtful and concise."

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