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Ultimate Pre-College Admissions Planning Package

Take action early in your high school career to ensure you are admitted to your top-choice university.

Determine where you should apply and the steps to take during high school to be admitted to such universities. As you’ll be spending four pivotal years of your life at this institution, your Sibia consultant will also consider your lifestyle and location preferences, study habits, extracurricular interests, and so on in order to select the best colleges for you. We recommend that you apply to three types of colleges, the specifics of which are unique to your interests and qualifications: 1) colleges to which you will most likely be admitted (so-called “safety” schools, though this is an inaccurate and presumptuous term); 2) colleges with admissions statistics that match your own credentials and that you would seriously consider attending; and 3) colleges with highly competitive admissions prospects (so-called “reach” schools, though your efforts and determination may very well be rewarded with an acceptance letter).

Prepare yourself for senior year's college admissions process. Furthermore, Sibia’s Pre-College Admissions Planning Package colors in the backgrounds of all these schools. You learn about the cities or states in which your target schools are located, their student life and campus atmospheres, and other vital characteristics of the colleges that cannot be charted by statistics. Once your list is established, our pre-college admissions planning enables you to outline your high school curriculum and standardized examinations schedule. Students who plan to take numerous AP examinations will seek the related AP courses, if offered at their high schools. Perhaps students whose academic strengths are not best displayed through standardized testing will want to have more chances to practice and to retake the SATs or ACTs. Select the Pre-College Admissions Planning Package, and you can rest assured that your high school career will prepare you for entry to the best possible university of your choice.

What You Receive

  • 7 sessions, one hour each, of telephone or Skype pre-college admissions planning
  • Unlimited email and phone calls to your Sibia College Consultant during business hours
  • Academics, Extracurriculars, and SAT/ACT/AP Exams Map - includes the optimal high school coursework to complete, relevant extracurricular activities to pursue, and the standardized test scores to target based on your high school GPA and target colleges
  • Personal Applicant Profile - construct your personal theme to market yourself to college admissions officers effectively
  • College Selection Plan - comprehensive steps to determine the most appropriate universities, given your background and preferences
  • Resume assistance in preparation for your Applicant Profile

Details / Timeline

Questionnaire Response and Review

Client completes Questionnaire to provide academic background, extracurricular commitments, and relevant honors and achievements. College Consultant reviews Client responses prior to First Session of college admissions planning.

First Session:
Questionnaire Assessment

First Session: Client and Sibia Consultant assess Client's academic background using the Questionnaire as a guide in order to determine strengths and weaknesses in the applicant profile. Sibia Consultant introduces the Academics, Extracurriculars and SAT/ACT/AP Exams Map.

Second Session:
Academics, Extracurriculars, and
SAT/ACT/AP Exams Map

Second Session: College Consultant and Client fill out additional details in Client's Academics, Extracurriculars, & SAT/ACT/AP Exams Map.  Both decide upon specific action steps and a timeline for completion based upon Client's needs and schedule.

Third Session:
Outline Personal Applicant Profile

Third Session:  Sibia College Consultant presents an outline of a Personal Applicant Profile that will form the foundation of Client's theme for his applications. The Profile emphasizes Client's key positive characteristics that will be marketed to each college specifically.

Fourth Session:
Strengthen Applicant Profile

Fourth session: Client and Sibia Consultant collaborate on completing a full, current assessment of Client's Applicant Profile. Subsequently, both establish steps to take to compensate for weaknesses to improve Profile prior to actually applying to college. Consultant provides resume template options for Client to review.

Fifth Session:
College Application Resume Consulting
College Selection Plan

Fifth session: Sibia College Consultant works closely with Client to outline, organize and write a first draft of a college application resume.  Consultant provides initial list of recommended four-year universities in College Selection Plan based on Client's Academics, Extracurriculars & SAT/ACT/AP Exams Map, Applicant Profile, and Resume.

Sixth Session:
College Selection Plan
Finalize Resume 

Sixth session: Client and College Consultant assess and discuss strengths and weaknesses of various colleges on target list.  Both narrow down list of prospective universities to target. Finalize the college application resume.

Seventh Session:
Ad Hoc - Any Remaining Documents
Personal Statement Brainstorming Sheet

Seventh Session:  Client and personal Sibia Consultant use the seventh session to finalize all documents and ensure that all additional action steps are clear. Client can continue to call or email College Consultant for an additional two weeks of pre-college admissions planning support.

Our Guarantee

Sibia’s Ultimate Pre-College Admissions Planning Package offers you both detailed and holistic advice regarding your high school career. Based on your Sibia consultant’s guidance, plan out the courses, activities, and test schedule that best suit you personally. We are positive you will find this service greatly beneficial to you and guarantee your satisfaction. Should any issue arise, you can certainly contact us, and we will resolve it right away. If you are not fully satisfied, we will give you a full refund or free credit for another service offered by Sibia. It’s never too early to begin planning for college, so enlist our help today!

7 one-hour sessions of pre-college admissions planning and unlimited access to personal Sibia consultant, including a College Selection Plan, Personal Assessment Profile, and much more

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"I want to express my sincere appreciation to Miss Dona Le. I am very pleased with her service. Her response was very prompt, and the suggestions and revisions were very beautiful.

Many thanks to Sibia Admissions!"

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