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Sibia's Comprehensive Guide to SAT Essay Prep 

Discover the key principles of writing clearly, effectively and persuasively to receive a perfect score on the SAT essay.

Do you know what the SAT graders are looking for?  The starting point for doing well on the SAT essay is to understand exactly what is involved when you take the test. Sibia's SAT Essay Guide lays out these details, including information on who the SAT graders are and what you should bring to the actual test. In addition, the Guide helps translate the College Board's general principles of what they want to see in a high-scoring essay into specific do's and don'ts that you can learn to implement or avoid, respectively.

Sibia's SAT Essay Guide shows you exactly what you need to do to score high.  Although the key principles in the Guide are not "secrets" regarding how to write well, most high school students simply haven't mastered many key skills. The Guide lays out an effective technique for writing a foolproof thesis statement, a superb introduction, a well-organized body and a stellar conclusion. By adding these skills to your writing arsenal, not only will you perform well on the SAT essay, but you'll well equipped for being an excellent writer in college and beyond.  Dive in and get started today!

What You Receive

  • Comprehensive & instructive SAT Essay Guide
  • 3 Original Prompts for Your Practice Essays 
  • Detailed critique and redline of each practice essay submitted
  • In-Depth Performance Summary providing an overview of each of your practice essays
  • Guarantee that you will improve your writing and score high on the actual SAT Essay 

Details / Timeline

Review SAT Essay Guide

After placing an order, Student will receive the comprehensive Guide which she should read through to become familiar with the SAT essay's requirements and our powerful methodology for scoring high and writing well.

Write Practice Essays
and Submit for Review

Student should then write a practice essay--submitting either
a scanned handwritten essay or a typed version--based upon
the sample prompts included in the Guide.

Receive Reviewed Essay
and Performance Summary

Within one business day, Student will receive a detailed redline version of her essay critiquing her strengths and weaknesses along with a Performance Summary document providing an overview of her work.

Our Guarantee

Our SAT Essay preparation packages have already achieved remarkable results for students across the U.S. and around the world. Simply mastering the basic principles of writing well allows you to respond intelligently and clearly to any prompt you're given. We therefore guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our service, score high and improve your writing in general. So in the case you have any issues, contact us for a rapid resolution. If you are not satisfied, we will fully refund your money, or you can choose to receive free credit for use toward another Sibia service. Get started today with mastering the SAT essay!

Receive powerful and practical instruction on how to score high on the SAT Essay.

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