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College Application Essay Editing Services offered by Sibia

Obtain invaluable advice and feedback to improve your college application essay.

Use one of Sibia's editing services to perfect the most essential part of your college application. Your personal statement is one of the most crucial components of your application package because it enables you to distinguish yourself from other applicants who can boast of equal credentials or even higher test scores. A stellar personal statement can perhaps sway the opinion of an admissions officer who is on the fence about your candidacy. Thus, we at Sibia recommend that you invest as much time, patience, energy, and brainpower as possible into writing and editing your college application essay. Our three levels of college application essay editing services will ensure that you receive assistance and advice that are personally tailored to your strengths and achievements.

Select from three levels of editing services created to meet your exact needs. Sibia Admissions consultants work closely with you to develop a unique voice without resorting to gimmicks, to write clearly but within the word limit, and to showcase your achievements and qualifications while still sounding personable and down-to-earth. From firsthand experience, our consultants are keenly aware of how significant your personal statement is to your overall application package. Thus, we have developed three levels of college application essay editing services designed to best suit your individual writing habits and your application timeline.

Our College Application Essay Editing Packages

Select from one of our packages below and get started today. As you browse each specific package, please keep in mind that the topics covered and session ordering are flexible, depending on your preferences and needs.


Starts at $99

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  • After completing a rough draft of one or more essay(s), turn in your draft for extensive college application essay editing
  • Obtain thorough and relevant feedback regarding your topic, content, style, tone, structure, along with meticulous general editing and proofreading
  • An expert Sibia Consultant will return a redline version and a fully proofed "clean" copy to you in 48 or 24 hours, followed by an additional week of email support


Starts at $179

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  • Everything included in the Silver Package, plus:
  • Two comprehensive reviews total following your revisions
  • A third (final) proofreading and polish, with a total of 3 weeks of email support from your personal Sibia Consultant


Starts at $275

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  • Everything included in the Gold Package, plus:
  • Together with your Sibia Consultant, brainstorm and develop potential college admissions essay ideas
  • Receive personalized advice and coaching on your admissions essays that enhance your chances of admission to your top-choice colleges

The College Application Essay Editing Help You Need—Guaranteed.  Finally, all of Sibia's packages are designed to assist you in writing both the general personal statement and other college application essay prompts, of any length, that are specific to your application. Some colleges may require you to write another essay to apply for their private scholarships, or perhaps you need to include an explanatory statement to prove that a fluke low test score or bad grade does not accurately reflect your true academic potential. Regardless of the essay prompt or length, Sibia Admissions provides you with experienced, professional admissions consultants who can help you shape, refine, and edit your college admissions essay to enhance your application and make you irresistible to those university admissions officers!  With our 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee you can rest assured we'll deliver what you need! 


"Thanks! This was exactly what I was looking for. My undergraduate degree was in English. I am by nature quite critical with my own writing and would trust few people to review a personal statement applying to a surgery fellowship. Sibia exceeded my expectations."

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