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Get admitted to the top college of your choice with Sibia’s invaluable guidance and advice.

Which College Is Best for You? Selecting the right college for you is a crucial decision that must be made with careful planning and extensive background information, which you can obtain with one of Sibia's college consulting services. After all, you will be spending four pivotal years of your life at this institution. Make sure you select a college that suits you in all respects–not just academically, but also in terms of lifestyle, social habits, extracurricular interests, and perhaps even weather!

Get the Guidance You Need. In addition, the college admissions process has grown increasingly competitive and complex each year. Many high schools students apply to college with extremely well-padded resumes and extracurricular achievements, in addition to stellar standardized test scores and flawless GPAs. To ensure that you are admitted to a range of high quality colleges from which to choose, get a jumpstart on the college application process with Sibia Admissions. Our experienced team provides you with the vital guidance and insiders’ expertise you need to complete your college applications intelligently, efficiently, and of course, successfully!

Three Service Levels to Choose. Sibia’s three types of college consulting services – College Application Essay Editing, Admissions Consulting Services, and Pre-College Planning Services – are designed to pinpoint your specific needs, bolster any weaknesses in your application, and further highlight your strengths and accomplishments. To present the most well-rounded and impressive application to college admissions officers, enlist the expert assistance of your personal Sibia consultant today.

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College Application Essay Editing Services

The Admissions Essay is Crucial. Your personal statement is a pivotal component of your application, and the main way to clearly reveal your unique voice and distinct personality to college admissions officers.

Striking the Right Balance is a Challenge. Writing a compelling and personable college application essay, which simultaneously highlights your achievements and unique qualifications, is no easy task. You will likely go through several drafts, if not entirely different topics, before settling on your final personal statement.

Get Expert Help on Your Personal Statement. To ensure your college application essay is of the highest quality, seek invaluable guidance from your personal Sibia Admissions college consultant. We will work closely with you to brainstorm potential topics and help you to edit and revise your first draft until you perfect your final copy.

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College Admissions Consulting Services

Simply submitting one college application requires that you put together various documents in addition to your personal statement—including your resume, details about your extracurricular involvements, standardized test scores, transcripts, recommendation letters, financial aid statements, and more.

Handling more than one college application–and while you are a full-time senior, seeking to perform well academically and enjoy your last year of high school–can be daunting.

However, armed with the detailed advice and knowledgeable guidance provided by a Sibia college consultant, you can submit flawless and highly competitive applications to the top colleges of your choice.

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Pre-College Consulting Services

Given the nature of college admissions today, many students begin planning their college admissions strategies early in high school, perhaps even during their freshman or sophomore year. Many competitive universities favor applicants who have taken a broad range of high-level courses and scored well, not only on the SAT and ACT, but on various SAT Subject Tests and AP examinations as well.

Fitting everything into your high school career, while maintaining a strong academic performance and fulfilling your extracurricular commitments, requires significant planning.

To accomplish all you need to by senior year, work with an experienced Sibia pre-college admissions consultant, who will consider your personal strengths and interests to formulate the optimal college admissions strategy for you.

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SAT Essay Preparation

 The relatively new format of the SAT test places additional emphasis on students’ writing skills. Earning a high score on the SAT essay section requires knowledge of what you are tested for, how your writing is evaluated, and of course, lots of practice!

Even students who perform well in English courses need to learn about the SAT essay and its particularities in order to ace it and to impress admissions officers with their scores.

To ensure that you conquer the SAT essay and earn a high score, take advantage of Sibia’s SAT essay guide and practice packages..

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Many thanks to Sibia Admissions!"

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